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Unable to view incomplete surveys in Sharepoint

Posted in Sharepoint by Abhishek Bhowmick on February 26, 2009

It is great to be back and blog again.  I have been away for sometime with my new engagement with Capgemini.  This is a known issue that I would discussing where site administrators and users are unable to view responses of an incomplete survey in Sharepoint.  When you use Page Separator type questions in a survey, the respondents get an option to type or choose their response and move to the next question or Save survey so that it can be completed at a later time.  When investigating we found that the incomplete post is only and only visible to that respondent who added his/her response partially.  The site administrators and other users are unable to view the response.  However, the Number of Responses shows the updated number but in no way we can check that incomplete response other than that respondant.  We have tried toggling and switching the web part views but to no avail.  We found that this is supposed to be an intended design of the product which we can expect to change in the next release or so but there is no such updates from the confirmed sources.

Alternative:  The survey creator can either choose not to have a Page Separator type question in the survey or use a workaround as per the blog mentioned below where the survey creator can hide the Save button and can still the Page Separator type questions in the survey.  In this way the respondents will not get an option to save the survey and will need to complete the same.  This should populate the responses correctly as per the total number of responses in the survey.

Here is the link to the workaround: http://www.endusersharepoint.com/?p=1371

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