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Send email to all users of a sharepoint group

Posted in Sharepoint by Abhishek Bhowmick on October 28, 2008

Follow the below mentioned steps to work this out:

• Create an Organization Unit (OU) in the Active Directory (AD) and delegate Full Control rights to Sharepoint Service Account (Central Administration Application Pool Account)

• Configure Incoming Email Settings to use Sharepoint Directory Management Service to create Distribution Groups and Contacts to the Active Directory container (OU)

• Mention the SMTP server name select all the options for Distribution Group Request Approval Settings

• On the Sharepoint Site create a new group with Full Control permission

• Create an Email Distribution Group (type in an email address) for this group

• In Central Administration > Operations > Approve/Reject Distribution Groups, approve the Distribution Group to be created in the OU

• Check the OU in the AD and you will find the Distribution List successfully created with the email address (Microsoft Exchange stamps this email address to this Distribution List) assigned to the Sharepoint Group in the Sharepoint Site

• Add some users to the Sharepoint group and you will find that they syncronized the same in the Distribution List

• Send an email to the email address assigned to the sharepoint group and the emails would be sent to the individual members of the Sharepoint Group

Note: Syncronization between Sharepoint Group and Distribution List in the AD is a one way transaction (Sharepoint Group to Distribution List and not the other way round).  Hence, new users added to the Sharepoint Groups reflect automatically in the Distribution List however the vice-versa does not work.

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