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Now Sort items in the Outlook Calendar folder

Posted in Windows by Abhishek Bhowmick on May 25, 2011

With so many mails floating around we often keep on cleaning our mailboxes.  We can easily delete mails from mail folders but what about the “Calendar” folder?

All meeting requests get stored in your Calendar folder, even the ones with attached documents.  Here is a way to create a View for the Calendar folder so that it shows meeting requests just like mails.

We can then sort the requests/appointments by size and delete the unnecessary ones.

  1. Select “Calendar” folder.
  1. Go to View à Current View à Define Views.
  1. Open the “Custom View organizer” . Click on “New.“. Give the name of view .Select type of view as “Table“. Select the option for “All Calendar folders“.
  1. In the “Customize View: Size View” dialog click on “Fields.
  2. In the “Show Fields” dialog box,” Select available fields” drop down option will be available.
  3. Select All Mail fields” for the dropdown.
  1. In the list for “Available fields” select “Size“. Add it to the right side list.
  1. Click all appropriate ‘OK’s and the sorting is done for the calendar items.

You can check the setting by applying the newly created view on the Calendar folder.

Also the steps mentioned above could differ a little bit across Outlook versions


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